Motorcycle Luggage by Point 65 Sweden

Shop motorcycle luggage by Point 65 Sweden. Our hardshell packs were designed specifically with the comfort and safety of motorcycle riders in mind. All of our luggage comes equipped with a patented ABS plastic impact reducing shell, which provided the highest level of safety in the event of a motorcycle accident. The unique shape is ergonomically designed to spread the weight of the backpack evenly and prevent back strain on long journeys. 

Motorcycle Luggage Shop Boblbee By Point 65 Sweden


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        IglooDiablo redPhantomSpitfireLavaMeteorWaspKryptoniteCobaltArmyFrost

        Boblbee GTX 25L Hardshell Backpack

        € 359.00 EUR€ 399.00 EUR
        IglooDiablo redPhantomSpitfireLavaMeteorKryptoniteCobaltArmy greenWaspFrost

        Boblbee GTX 20L Hardshell Backpack

        € 349.00 EUR€ 389.00 EUR
        IglooDiablo redPhantomSpitfireLavaMeteorKryptoniteCobaltArmyWaspFrost

        Boblbee GT 20L Hardshell Backpack

        € 269.00 EUR€ 299.00 EUR
        IglooDiablo redPhantomSpitfireLavaMeteorWaspKryptoniteCobaltArmyFrost

        Boblbee GT 25L Hardshell Backpack

        € 299.00 EUR€ 329.00 EUR