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        Boblbee GT 20L Hardshell Backpack

        SIMPLE, ELEGANT & COMPACT PROTECTION   In short, a trimmed but just as durable version of the larger Boblbee 25L, with a sharper design of our patented protective hard shell. Simple and elegant, the Boblbee GT 20L lies close up against you back for an...

        IglooDiablo redPhantomSpitfireLavaMeteorKryptoniteCobaltArmyWaspFrost

        Boblbee GT 25L Hardshell Backpack

        TOP OF THE LINE SPINE & GEAR PROTECTION - UP TO 93% IMPACT REDUCTION The iconic Boblbee backpack; durable, reliable and built to last. Ultra stylish and with great attention to detail and finish. A truly unique innovation that is so much more than a...

        IglooDiablo redPhantomSpitfireLavaMeteorWaspKryptoniteCobaltArmyFrost