Backpack Waist Belts

Shop waist belts for Boblbee Hardshell Backpacks. Choose from our standard or velcro models. Compatible with all 20L & 25L backpacks. Add a waist belt for extra support and even more back protection!

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        Pro Waist Belt

        PROTECT YOUR BACK WITH ADDED SUPPORT  Gives added support and improves the back protection feature even further. Perfect when jogging with a heavy pack, skiing, moto etc.Compatible with Boblbee 25L and 20L models, Vortex, Peoples DeLite & Megalopolis.

        Velcro Waist Belt

        PROTECT YOUR BACK WITH A VELCRO WAIST BAND Designed in line with the back protector program and recommended for bike riders or skiers carrying heavy weights. Equipped with Double overlapping Velcro lock. Fits Boblbee 25L & 20L models.